NFCC – National Foundation for Credit Counseling

In an exciting collaboration between the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and, we're committed to turning your financial challenges into victories. Whether you're grappling with student loans, drowning in credit card debt, or facing unforeseen financial hurdles, our partnership brings together the best of both worlds to offer unparalleled support.
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Who is the NFCC?

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), founded in 1951, is considered the gold standard in the financial counseling sector. The NFCC is the largest and longest-serving nonprofit financial counseling organization in the United States with nonprofit credit counseling member agencies serving consumers nationwide.

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Official Website: is a Certified Member of The NFCC. has been an acknowledged member of the NFCC since its founding in 1974.As a proud NFCC member, provides access to coaches that can give you the financial guidance you need to get back on the right track.
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Helping Reach a Larger Audience

Industry Relations

The NFCC negotiates with the creditors who participate in’s Debt Management Programs. The standardized concessions the creditors offer make it possible for us to counsel clients individually and immediately estimate how the creditors will work with them to achieve debt relief. Without the NFCC conducting this negotiation at a high level, members would have to enter into individual negotiations for each of the thousands of clients who seek help; this would be practically impossible.The NFCC also helps form partnerships with charities and grant providers to help reach a larger audience and fund the agency’s operations without being forced to charge large fees of our clients.

Financial Contents


The NFCC provides counselor certification for its member agencies, like By certifying these counselors, can help clients make the best decisions regarding their personal finances. Counselors must become re-certified every two years.


NFCC Members must also be accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA), which signifies meeting the highest standard of service delivery. COA ensures that our practices are ethical, financially sound, and focused on serving the best interests of our clients.


In addition to the counselor certification and service standards established by the NFCC, the NFCC also sponsors national initiatives with the participation of member agencies.

Administrative Support

The NFCC helps us by evaluating current laws and regulations that affect our industry. Being a member helps stay in compliance and ensures that our clients receive the full protection of all relevant legislation.
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