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Looking to build or improve your credit?’s nonprofit certified credit counselors specialize in consumer credit counseling, offering you insights, strategies, and guidance tailored to your unique financial situation. Embark on a journey towards improved credit health and financial freedom.
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What Can Consumer Credit Counseling Do For You?

Confidential Credit Counseling

We're here to help, not judge. Our credit counseling service is confidential, providing a supportive environment for open discussions with our credit counselors about your financial trouble and financial goals.

In-Depth Credit Analysis

Understanding your entire financial situation is the first step. Our certified credit counselor provides you an in-depth analysis of your credit report, highlighting areas of improvement and potential pitfalls.

Tailored Debt Management Plan

Address your credit card debt head-on with a debt management plan. We craft a tailored debt management plan aimed to reduce your credit card debt, make monthly payments more manageable, and improving your credit score.

Financial Education Guides

Boost your credit knowledge. Our credit counseling service empowers you with essential credit card education, ensuring you make informed decisions to maintain and improve your financial situation.
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Why Pick's Consumer Credit Counseling?

Dealing with debt can be stressful. We help you feel more in control and less stressed about your financial life. With our help, you'll see a clear way to tackle your credit card debts. Each step you take with us gets you closer to being debt-free.

Specialized Areas Within Credit Counseling

Credit Report Analysis

Uncover the details of your credit report. From identifying inaccuracies to understanding factors affecting your score, we provide a thorough analysis.

Working with Debt Collectors

We can advocate on your behalf, working with your creditors for reduced interest rates via a debt management plan.

Credit Building Strategies

We offer strategies and advice tailored to building a strong credit foundation for the future.
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Experience the Impact of a Professional Nonprofit Credit Counseling Agency

Credit challenges can be transformed into opportunities. Learn how’s nonprofit credit counseling service equips you with free educational materials, tools, and knowledge to turn the tide. With expert guidance, a future of robust credit health and financial stability awaits. Discover how our consumer credit counseling sets the stage for this transformation.
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From Debt to Financial Freedom

Financial Tools for Better Debt Management

Armed with the right tools, managing and improving your credit becomes a seamless task. Effective budget counseling is key to credit health. Our resources and tools guide you in allocating funds wisely, reducing debts, and positively impacting your credit score.
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