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BankOn Banking Education

Empowering residents of California's Inland Empire
to BankOn their financial potential. Learn essential banking skills, from opening and managing accounts to understanding credit, with our comprehensive resources and support.

Work with our financial counselors to get you back on track with a new bank account through the BankOn Inland SoCal Program.

Are you uneasy about opening a bank account?

- Had a negative experience with a bank and can't open a new account?
- Never taught the basics of banking and feel intimidated?
- Worry you will be judged and turned away?

Are you concerned about using your existing bank account?

- In a debt trap to payday lenders and think they will withdraw your cash deposits?
- Have an old bank account with a negative balance and overdraft fees?
- Owe child support and afraid your cash deposits will be garnished?

Access to Safe & Affordable Banking has partnered with BankOn of Inland SoCal to address the banking needs of Inland Empire residents who struggle with banking. Our program goals is to establish your budget, establish a bank account, establish or increase credit score, abd minimize identity theft.
Monthly bank fees $5 or less & No overdraft fees

Step 1

Inland Empire, CA residents schedule an appointment

Step 2

A financial counselor will review your financial standing and explore the BankOn Program and your banking needs.

Step 3

A customized banking and financial plan is presented and any necessary follow-up sessions are scheduled.
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We Can Help!

Our financial counselors address concerns about opening bank accounts

- Fear of financial identity theft or fraud
- Concerns about privacy and security
- Unfamiliarity with the banking system or technology
- Worries about hidden fees or charges
- Negative past experiences with banks or financial institutions
- Fear of losing control over your money and financial decisions

Access to Safe & Affordable Banking
- Monthly bank fees $5 or less
- No overdraft fees

Join Our Distant Learning FIT Academy

Select the classes you wish to attend for free:

- Improving / Establishing Credit
- Reducing / Eliminating Debt
- Budgeting / Savings
- Mortgage Preparedness (owning a home)
- Mortgage Preservation (keeping your home)
- Consumer Loans/ Debt
- Credit Visibility
- Identify Theft Prevention / Recovery
- Opening a Bank Account (COMING SOON)
Free, online classes available 24/7
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