Understanding Rental Assistance and Utility Support

Our financial counselors have access to a wide range of resources designed to guide consumers on Section 8 housing choice vouchers, utility cost reduction programs, and more. Our focus is to empower you with the knowledge and resources needed to find the assistance you need, ensuring a more affordable living situation. Learn about important information that can assist you in making informed decisions about your housing situation.

Discover the Advantages of Rental Counseling

Connecting Consumers with Government Resources

While we do not directly manage rental assistance programs or extend financial aid to renters, our emphasis is on offering guidance and connecting consumers with government resources like HUD, Department of Treasury, or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We encourage individuals to explore the following outlets for researching available rental assistance options.

Strategies for Reducing Utility Costs

Learn about vouchers and programs designed to lessen your utility expenses. Our education and comprehensive budget review teaches you the process of identifying the need for utility support, helping you manage your energy bills and monthly expenses more effectively.

Housing Stability with Debt Counselors  

Discover how consulting with our debt counselors can offer the dual benefit of providing a comprehensive budget review and the development of a Debt Management Plan (DMP). These steps can be crucial in maintaining housing stability and preventing eviction.

Expert Insights into Preventing Eviction

We can assist you in navigating unforeseen situations, such as a decrease in monthly income, leading to challenges in meeting rent obligations. Our financial counselors prove valuable in assessing options for managing monthly rent in conjunction with other financial responsibilities, and offer education and resources aimed at preventing eviction.
Empowering Consumers with Knowledge

Why Focus on Educational Resources for Rental Assistance?

Our mission is to equip you with the knowledge to navigate rental assistance programs independently. By understanding your options, you can take proactive steps toward securing affordable housing and utility support.
Achieve Certification for Enhanced Housing Opportunities

Rent for Success: Your Pathway to Rental Approval

Our innovative Rent for Success program is designed to prepare you for the rental process, making sure you meet the criteria landlords may require. By participating in Rent4Success, you gain vital knowledge on tenant responsibilities, financial management, and effective communication with landlords. Completing this program can not only boost your rental application but will also equip you with the confidence to engage in the rental market successfully.
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Rental Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Accordion

Will you talk to my landlord?

Your counseling session is completely confidential, and we will not reach out to your landlord. However, our financial counselors may be able to assist you with talking points to provide you with resources and guidance when dealing with your landlord.

Do you offer rental assistance? does not offer rental assistance. However, our financial counselors have access to a wide range of resources designed to guide you with utility cost reduction programs, state and local rental assistance and other government programs, nonprofit resources and more. Your counselor will work with you to see what programs may be available.

Is there any cost for counseling?

Financial counseling and education is provided for free.

Do you provide counseling in Spanish

Counseling services are available in English and Spanish. Interpreter services for many other languages are also available upon request.
In-depth Guides to Empower Your Housing Journey

Expanding Your Knowledge on Rental Assistance

Our detailed guides and articles provide extensive information, empowering you to navigate the challenges and opportunities of securing stable, affordable housing.
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