California Renters: Assistance Is Available for Those Needing Relief Under AB 832

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California’s legislature has passed Assembly Bill 832, which brings relief for renters in California who were exempted from paying rent or being evicted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AB 832 Extends eviction protection for qualifying renters. Now, renters are protected until September 30th, 2021—so long as they make a formal declaration of financial hardship and pay 25% of their monthly rent. If they qualify, renters cannot be evicted for the unpaid portion of their rent.

Starting on October 1st, 2021, and running through March 31, 2022, there will be a modified court procedure in effect to allow landlords to proceed with evictions if the tenant doesn’t pay rent and is not eligible for assistance under AB 832.

An important change in this new bill from prior legislation is that the state of California is paying 100% of the unpaid rent due from eligible renters. This protects landlords as well as tenants.

Qualifying renters must have been impacted by COVID-19, have an income below 80% of their area’s median income, and be at risk of homelessness if they don’t get relief.

The money for this program comes from federal rental assistance funding provided by the ARPA, or American Rescue Plan Act.

Getting Help

As part of the local partner network, our nonprofit agency is approved to provide assistance for people who need this relief, we here at are offering free counseling to help affected tenants apply for aid. To schedule an appointment call 833-687-0967.

We’ve found that many tenants don’t have the ability to complete the necessary forms, whether through a lack of access to the necessary technology, in-language assistance, or disability. We want to see everyone who needs this help get it, so we’re ready to assist anyone who could benefit from this program. To schedule an appointment, call 833-687-0967.

To learn more about the program and eligibility, please call the California COVID-19 Rent Relief Contact Center at 833-430-2122, or visit Assistance from the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program does not count as earned income and will not affect eligibility for any other state benefit assistance programs.  All applicant information is kept private and will be not shared.  Income eligible applicants may qualify regardless of immigration status and will not be required to show proof of citizenship.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help and share this information with anyone you know who might need help getting access to relief under this new law.

Article written by
Melinda Opperman
Melinda Opperman is an exceptional educator who lives and breathes the creation and implementation of innovative ways to motivate and educate community members and students about financial literacy. Melinda joined in 2003 and has over two decades of experience in the industry.

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