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At, we believe the cornerstone of financial security is personal finance education. All of our online courses are free and available 24/7. These online free personal finance classes are open to the public without any need to register. Explore customized budgeting and debt solutions that really work by expanding your personal finance education!

We also offer virtual Financial Classes and Events where you can ask questions in the live chat. If you are interested in offering a virtual financial literacy class for your organization, request a virtual workshop webinar by downloading the request form and pricing matrix.
Una gran cantidad de información financiera

Clases para compradores de vivienda

¡No comience su viaje de compra de una casa sin conocer primero los hechos! Ya sea que compre una vivienda por primera vez o alguien que quiera volver a ser propietario de una vivienda, necesitará un plan bien establecido. Nuestras clases para compradores de vivienda aprobadas por el HUD lo ayudarán a navegar por el proceso de compra de una vivienda y lo equiparán con herramientas y recursos útiles para comprar una vivienda.

Reserve su lugar en una de nuestras clases presenciales o virtuales para compradores de vivienda a continuación.

Financial Instructional Training (FIT) Academy

At, we believe personal finance education is key to financial security. Our FIT Academy offers free 24/7 online courses open to the public without registration. Explore budgeting and debt solutions that work. Join our free virtual Financial Classes and Events with live chat for questions.

Understand Your Credit Report

Our free online course will help you understand how your credit score is calculated, what your credit report says about you, and what you can do to ensure that your credit report is accurate and reflects positively on you.
Learn About Credit Report

Roadmap to Financial Freedom

This course helps you to understand the first steps on your journey to financial freedom with through using a Debt Management Plan to consolidate and pay back an unsecured debt.
Learn About Financial Roadmap

Creating a Budget 101

This course is a great starting point for anyone who feels overwhelmed by all of the bills and paperwork standing between them and financial freedom. We teach you where to start, how to organize your spending, and what things you should prioritize when building your perfect budget.
Learn About Budget 101

Budget 911

If a budget emergency strikes, your best response is to act quickly. This course will teach you to live a more wallet-friendly lifestyle so you can weather any budget crisis. We’ll also help you find ways to save more of your income rather than spending every dime.
Learn About Budget 911

Identity Theft Prevention

The identity theft prevention course will teach you how identity theft works so you know what to do to protect yourself. You’ll learn about your rights as a consumer and find out what to do if identity theft happens to you.
Learn About Theft Prevention

Power of Paycheck Planning

Personal finance education begins with knowing how to plan. This course applies all of our expertise to help you create a budget. Learn strategies for categorizing your expenses, tracking your spending, and putting together a new budget.
Learn About Paycheck Planning

Wise Use of Credit

You have bad credit or need to establish credit —now what? Managing your credit responsibly helps build a solid foundation for your financial future.
Learn About Wise Credit

Preventing Foreclosure

Learn what to do if your mortgage becomes delinquent or if you are facing foreclosure. Additionally, you will learn what options are available to you as a homeowner.
Learn About Preventing Foreclosure
Una gran cantidad de información financiera

Curso de educación para compradores de vivienda

Take the online class anytime, anywhere, at your pace.

Learn how to:

- Determine if homeownership is right for you
- Shop for a home
- Maintain your home

‍Certificate of completion presented to client and/or lender upon completion of counseling session with a homeownership advisor (if required).

Educational Videos

At, we are committed to providing a comprehensive online hub of personal finance education and learning resources that guide consumers in improving their personal finances. Below are videos we’ve created and curated to help educate our consumers on the following topics:

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