CREDIT.ORG's Key Officers

Chief External Affairs Officer Melinda Opperman as the committed financial educator for
Chief External Affairs Officer

Melinda Opperman

Our mission is to help people move up in the world. We do this by offering confidential budget counseling, educational programs, seminars and materials, all created to prepare people for a financial crisis before it strikes or to teach them how to face life after it does.

Our commitment to enriching lives is driven by four core values:

Integrity – High expectations that staff and organization stand up for and are true to their beliefs, honesty, truthfulness, ethical, courage and candor.

Quality – Encourages excellence, doing it right the first time, maintaining high standards and being the best.

Excellence – Something in which one excels, being the best, paving the way and being a leader.

Compassion – The betterment of others with emphasis on treating everyone with care, empathy and without is focused on educating community members and providing quality counseling to those who need it most. We will remain focused and vigilant in our constant pursuit of providing first class counseling and education by staying at the forefront of our ever changing times.