Best Budget Tracking Apps for Your Smartphone

Face it—the economy isn’t getting better. It’s not only getting harder to make money, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hold onto our paychecks. With taxes, fees and inflation, it’s any wonder we have a paycheck left. Luckily, technology provides some tools to help us manage what we have more efficiently. The following list contains some brilliant smartphone apps that will assist you in tracking and managing your budget.


Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA) – Android & iPhone

Cost: Varies (Free, $3, $5 & $8 monthly fee)

I love EEBA and if you’re a fan of Dave Ramsey, you will be too. This app is based on envelope budgeting, but what makes it special is the ability to make entries and find balances even if you don’t have service. You have three-way access through your android, iPhone or the web, and it even allows you to share envelopes. This is up-to-the-minute accounting, so you don’t have to stress about colliding expenses with a spouse. A cool new feature even uses GPS to suggest places you shop when you’re in the area to cut down on typing. You can schedule reoccurring transactions, print out reports, receive expense breakdowns, do month-to-month comparisons and so much more.


Nickel Tracker – Android

Cost: Free and no registration required

This is another envelope tracker for the Android, so you can effectively stick to your budget. You set up your budget, splitting your money into categories and allocate spending limits to those categories. When you enter your purchases, it records and tracks the money trail, informing you and alerting you if you go over your limit. When you reach an assigned spending limit, the text turns red. This app also allows you to email yourself an excel spreadsheet to control your records.


EasyMoney – Android

Cost: Free trial, $9.95 to purchase

Self proclaimed as the best expense tracking and budget planner app for Android, EasyMoney is pretty nifty. It is a best selling app, and I can see why:

  • It’s quick and easy to use/navigate
  • Easy transaction input for fast data entry
  • Receive notifications of bills, both upcoming and overdue
  •  Interactive reports, graphs to track cash flow, income and other categories you assign
  •  Set monthly budgets, limits, assign to accounts, monitor actions through color coded features
  • You can take snap shots of bills and receipts and it comes with a checkbook manager
  • Import/export data via .CSV & .QIF

This is a program you’ll want to check out for yourself. It’s been one of the top 10 paid apps since its release, which should speak accolades about the effectiveness and popularity for getting results.


Mint – Android & iPhone

Cost: Free – you must register

Of all the apps available today, this is my top pick. Not only is it free, it’s a powerhouse of logic, motivation and features. This is the ultimate in budgeting apps. As the main website states—this is your financial life in one place. It’s specifically designed to make your life easier by streamlining all your finances.


  • Puts all information in one place. Your transactions and balances are available to you through your phone or over the web.
  • The app automatically updates all your transactions, organizing them into categories, including suggestions on how you can save money! Throw in bill reminders to keep you on top of recurring expenses via smartphone or email.
  • This app has 128-bit SSL encryption software to protect your information, which is why over 10 million people have chosen Mint.
  • Set goals for budgeting, savings, even a trip or that new car. Mint helps you make the goal and achieve it through progress reports, receive encouraging emails and free advice.
  • Can help you save on credit cards, bank accounts, home loans and more. It analyzes your variables and makes personalized suggestions.
  • Track investments and know when there are hidden fees! That’s right—Mint exposes fees you may not be aware of so you can eliminate them and save even more.

Mint is an incredible app that puts the power of your financial future firmly in hand.


IXpenseIt iPhone

Cost: $4.99

Voted one of the “Best iPhone Apps” by CNN Money Magazine and PC World, IXpenseIt is a front runner. It’s not one of the prettier apps, but its power comes from delivering fast and clear information with password protection and backup options. Features include:

  • Quick data entry (auto populate based on historic transactions), daily reminders, PDF reporting, account balance & account transfer. Personalize transactions with icons for categories and subcategories.
  • Multi-currency and format supported with a complete world currency list.
  • Income & cash flow, budgeting, and even a number pad with calculation. Trend bar charts for expense and cash flow.
  • Data safety – Backup and Restore your financial data without worries, including password protection – with the ability to recover password if forgotten.
  • Expense Summary – Know your total monthly expense, average expense per day and top expense of the month instantly. Get overviews of todays spending vs. daily spending average.
  • Repeating events – One time setup for all recurring expenses such as Monthly rent, Mortgage, utility bills, etc.
  • Simple/Detail/Custom Budgets/Store digital photo receipts.
  • Basic Mileage/Kilometer Tracking with customizable reimbursement rate.
  • Full Text Search: quickly search to locate transactions. .CSV and HTML data import/export via Email or Wi-Fi.

That’s my list. If you have specific needs or goals with your budget that these particular apps don’t seem to fulfill, simply use your smartphone search feature and type in “budget” to discover a world of results.

Do you have an app you’ve tried and loved? Leave a comment below and share it with us.

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Dwayne Thomas is a tech enthusiast and staff writer for He welcomes your feedback on Twitter @DwayneThomas15.