Improve Your Finances in Less than an Hour

US News & World Report ran an article from Wise Bread’s Sabah Karimi entitled “6 Smart Financial Moves That Take an Hour or Less.

Those steps include:

  1. Review your budget.
  2. Visit a financial planner.
  3. Take a good look at your credit history.
  4. Create a credit card pay-off plan.
  5. Digitize essential financial documents.
  6. Change all financial passwords.

Read the whole article at the original site, then come back here for help with several of these important steps. Whether you need to check out one of our online courses (like Budget 101, Budget 911, or Understanding Your Credit Report), use one of our financial calculators to create a credit card pay-off plan, or talk to a certified credit counselor, we have resources that are free and easy to use.

Photo: tamasmesz via Flickr