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Financial Calculators

Determine how much you’re willing and able to spend on a car and how much your payments will be before heading to the dealership.
How Much Car Can I Afford?
Auto Loan Calculator
Budgets and Goals
Knowing where your money goes is an eye-opening experience. Track your expenses to determine how to save for a goal using our financial calculators.
Emergency Fund Calculator
Save a Million Calculator
Savings Calculator
Balancing a Checkbook
Budget Calculator
Savings Goal Calculator
Pay Down Interest or Invest Calculator
Financial Calculators
Career and Retirement
Determine how your salary converts to an hourly wage and how much you’ll need to save annually to reach your retirement goals.
Bonus Calculator
Inflation Calculator
Salary Calculator
Retirement Calculator
Credit and Debt
Learning about the true cost of credit and determining if you should pay down your debt are important concepts to learn using our financial calculators.
Credit Card Interest Calculator
Compound Interest Calculator
Credit Card Payment Calculator
Credit Card Payoff Calculator
Debt Calculator
Education and College
Saving for future college costs and determining how to pay off student loans are all a part of managing your education fund.
College Savings Calculator
College Tuition Calculator
Student Loan Repayment Calculator
College Savings Plan Calculator
Family and Life
Budgeting for baby, travel, entertainment, determining allowances and budgeting for school are all part of family life.
Allowance Calculator
Back-to-School Budget
Baby Budget Calculator
Entertainment Planner Calculator
Travel Calculator
Holiday Budget Calculator
Home and Mortgage
Home ownership is a big step. Before you start shopping, know how much house you can afford.
How Much House Can I Afford?
Should I Refinance Calculator
Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Amortization Calculator

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